Welcome to my Andys web site!


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This is really just for my own fun and personal record of life the universe and anything else that seem moderately interesting to me at the time. You are welcome to browse on that basis.

There was a lot of Imps, Hillman Imps, Commer Imp Vans and Sunbeam Stiletto, etc but it got so much that I have moved it to its own site at www.imps.me.uk.

Please go there for latest Imp pictures and shows and trips

.It covers Cotswold Prints and links to www.cotswoldprints.co.uk prints web site this is my outlet for my pictures and calendars mostly from the local villages around Stroud and the South Cotswolds.

Abigail Crafts Sewing and Patchwork Centre www.abigailcrafts.co.uk where they do patchwork and Quilting classes for all levels, workshops and summer / holiday schools for all your patchwork and quilting needs, and of course are proud owners of the 1965 Commer Delivery van, maintained by yours truly.

Don't forget Omega Dyes for all your textile and fabric needs particularly for patchwork and quilters www.omegadyes.co.uk .

Some reasonably dodgy web site designs but I do my best.

This is just a few random fun pages put together you never know a structure might happen.

Also I intend in the future to put some of my mast designs done for Orange PCS  where among others I developed the first telecomms tree. Hey it pays a wage.

The picture on the right is me, some of you who know me may not recognise it, but they know what I look like now and all the rest of you will have to wonder.

Andy Smith